About Us

Birth of sushionj

sushionj.com is a website of 6914 SUSHI LLC, established in 2021. Based in Brooklyn,NY, our company sells scarves to people all over the world with the philosophy of ‘For Your Warmth’. Thanks to the support and love of customers, the sushionj.com project team has grown from the initial 2 people to a team of 50+ people. New products are launched from time to time every week, and you can find more styles that show your personality. Our clients are free spirits, dream chasers and trendsetters. They are the reason we grow and why we will reach new heights in the future. Our team is made up of creative, passionate and fun people. Thank you for supporting us on our journey. We hope our stories inspire you as our customers inspire us.

Of course we hope you can visit us:

Trade name: 6914 SUSHI LLC
Phone number: +1 (585) 309-0254
Email: support@sushionj.com
Physical address:6914 3rd Ave,Brooklyn,NY 11209,USA

Founder of sushionj